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Bios of people, like you, who have encountered Jesus Christ and had their lives changed…


True accounts of people from all walks of life encountering the grace of Jesus christ…


Troy Vaughn

From cardboard box on skid row  to CEO

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Troy Vaughn

From skid row cardboard box to CEO!

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Eric K. Gibson

John Colon

Raul Ries

Destructive rage to Godly lover

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Quoleshna ElberT

Annie Lobert

Ex-Prostitute now Evangelist


MC Purpose

Greg Ryan

My Story

My Story…

Hi, this is my story, or “testimony” as we Christians like to call it, of how I came to love and believe in Jesus Christ. Thank you for taking the time to read about my salvaged life. I pray that I portray this portion of my life as transparent and honest as I can. That my story may relate to you.

I’m a good person! So I thought…

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