Drugs and Alcohol
Part of the grace, or ability, God gave me right after I became a follower of Jesus Christ, was that I was delivered from my desire to profusely drink alcohol or take any illegal substance into my body. This was one of the first of many wondrous acts His of love in my life. I realized "God is real!"
That alone in itself is a powerful testimony for me, since many people knew I used to ‘party’ whenever I had a chance. People knew me as someone to go to to find out where the parties where. I made it a point to try to keep abreast of all the party hotspots. All the places I would try to slip into my mode of ‘coolness’ in hopes of luring a member of the opposite sex into my clutches. I would also sedate myself with marijuana, a drug I used sparsely throughout my teen and adult life but increasing more so within the last 4 to 5 years building up my tolerance. I justified my marijuana smoking by saying to myself that it relaxed me and helped me sleep. I made many new ‘friends’ through drinking and weed smoking out here in LA. I didn’t want to party alone, so I would encourage many of my friends to go out and get ‘bent’ with me. Even encouraged someone close to me, who wasn’t part of that lifestyle at all, to start smoking pot, because I didn’t want to do it alone. It is a major part of the ‘cool’ and hip-hop lifestyle of the world today, which was a major part of my persona (Hip-Hop will be another testimony).People drink and take drugs for various reasons. I’ll say I did it initially in my need to ‘fit in’ with my peers at an early age. I then quickly found that it loosened me up to ‘act a fool’. Gave me that ‘liquid power’ that took me out of my shyness. Not only to fit in, but to also be the center of attention when I was around people, namely women. I took great pride in my high tolerance, ability to “hold my liquor” Then later in life, I allowed it to become part of my home life. Always needed alcohol around to ‘calm my nerves’. When the beer, and liquor had adverse affects, like giving me headaches and gaining weight, I then started using weed more and more because it didn’t, I convinced myself, leave me with the aches and pains of alcohol (getting ‘the munchies’ didn’t help with the weight issue). Even now that I don’t smoke weed I still feel it’s affects on my short-term memory. One acquaintance had gotten me to sniff a little cocaine every now and then (a drug I thought I was wholly against) to ‘help’ me sober up after a night of drinking and weed. This whole lifestyle had become ‘the norm’. I didn’t consider myself an alcoholic or drug user. I would tell myself that I wasn’t a bad person, because I could quit at any time (wink wink). I was a mess!Thank God for his grace and healing power! Thank God I never hurt anybody while in a drunken condition. When I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, that he died to wash away my sins and then rose again. I then received the Spirit and he totally and completely wiped those desires away from my mind and body. That in itself deepened my faith tremendously because I know now it would take Divine action to ‘fix’ a person like me. God let me know that that lifestyle was keeping me from living, and more importantly, keeping me from Him. I consider myself blessed, because I know many many other people battle with drugs and alcohol and fall into their deep dark pit. I don’t have to go through that pain. God healed me this way for a reason, as a testimony to His Grace and glory and to prove his power to me and erase any doubt that God is real.