What does it mean to “be saved”?

A person is saved when they respond to the gospel, or good news of God’s offer of salvation.

We respond by doing something as a result of hearing the truth of the gospel. We can do this any number of ways, but commonly our response begins with a prayer. Just talk to God and in your own words, acknowledge your need for Him and thank Him for paying the penalty for your sin and forgiving you. Tell Him that you now want Him to control your life.

Another important response a “saved” person makes is to repent. What does it mean to repent? Repenting means that we agree with God that our sin is wrong. If we really agree with God that what we have done is wrong, then we will seek to turn from that wrong behavior.

Repenting doesn’t mean that we try to “make it up to God”…we simply admit our wrong, accept His forgiveness, and ask for His help to stop doing what is wrong and to start living in a way that pleases Him. We in turn make Jesus Christ “Lord of our life”.

Allowing Jesus to be our Lord, means that we let Him be the boss. All areas of our life, from career decisions to how we treat to people, are under His control and influenced by His place in our life.

In summary, being Saved has several facets to it. But mainly it means a radical change in our life born from the belief in the fact that Jesus Christ died for our sin and resurrected back to life again. And from that belief we make Jesus Lord of are lives, love Him and obey his will.


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