eric gibson

Name: Eric K. Gibson

Location: Colorado (by way of South Central Los Angeles)

Bio: The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Ambassador, Life Coach,Prevention & Intervention Specialist, Life Medical Home Care Urological Specialist

As a young kid growing up in Mississippi, with five brothers and one sister, we all had to go to church.
Most times we would fall asleep during church. So, really, we were forced to go to church. It was not so bad but we knew every Sunday we had to go and church in Mississippi is mostly all day.

When I got older I did not have to go to church so I didnt. I always believed in God but only went to church on holidays.

When we moved to Los Angeles in the early 80’s my grandmother went to church all the time. But we did not go, it was boring to us we did not understand what was going on there. But when we did go we liked Sunday school because if you read and not talk you would get candy after church so that’s was the reason for going.

After being in LA for a while I was shot in 1993 five times with a .357 and a young girl was shot once in the head and she died on the spot. I prayed to God asking him to save my life. I told him I would change, by starting going to church and doing right by people.

I knew that God saved my life and now I had to keep my word. I did not start right away because I was healing from being shot but maybe a few years went by I started to go to Church and get a better understanding of God.

That’s how I found the Lord Jesus Christ. Been with him ever since.

Thanks Lord for all the blessings that you have given me.



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