Name: John Colon, disciple of Jesus Christ

Praise the Lord!!!

To give you a quick synopsis of how my life in Christ has gotten to this point: “The Lord has been asking me to join His crusade for a longtime. But I wasn’t paying Him any attention. ‘’So He had to get my attention.”

2005 was one of the toughest years that I can remember to date.

I separated from my wife and children in November 2004. We divorced in May of 2005.

I tell you Friends I was a sinner. I was a good sinner. I didn’t realize that until the Lord changed my life.

Well during this time I gave up on the Lord. I did everything that one could possibly do in a short time frame to upset a “PARENT”, our Father.

After my separation and my divorce became final I started having sex with several different women and I was boldly arrogant about it. I was having sex with 7 different women after my divorce, not to mention the one night stands in between. I became abusive with smoking drugs and drinking alcohol. I found myself totally letting go of anything that was left to hold on too morally. And this is just one small year in my life, because my sins go as far back as a teenager free in the World, but I just want to give you the small overview of how the Lord will go out and find his lost sheep.

Anyways, so near the end of the year around October 2005, the devil sought to drive a stake in me. He set me up with a pretty good side business selling “drugs.”

And when I say “good,” I mean between a friend and I, in only three months time we were moving over 6 pounds of Chronic (marijuana) every two weeks. I mean I started out thinking man if I could only make a couple extra bucks I will be satisfied.

That couple extra bucks turned into $200 for five minutes of work hourly. The money and the habit became a sickness. And I didn’t even realize it. The women were throwing themselves at me. The Homies donned me a “g” because I was moving so much weight in such a short time. The good times were rolling and just as suddenly as I found this new “FAME,” everything went bad. It took a terrible turn for the worse.

I remember it was now mid-December 2005 my friend and I made our biweekly drive to the “Bay Area” to pick up our “drug shipment.”

Two days after we made this biweekly pickup my partner in crime was robbed for 2 pounds of the marijuana. I was in shock; we were both in panic mode now because we would get these large shipments on consignment. So what do we do now?

If things couldn’t get worse things did, (WELL THATS WHAT I THOUGHT).

To make matters worse the very next day after we were robbed for our merchandise the Police were outside my #1 girlfriend’s apartment with a warrant for my car and house. They were investigating a crime that happened in another county that I had nothing to do with. But because I had a prior from over 10 years ago I fit the profile and my truck was the same make as the vehicle used in the robbery. It’s funny how God sends people to stop you from making bigger mistakes.

Well for the robbery I was not at all concerned, but when the light shined on me I realized that I had half a pound of “marijuana” sitting in my truck with a scale, plus another half a pound at my house in a safe. I thought quick and thought well I’m not guilty of the crime; if I tell them the truth about the “marijuana” they should let me go…Nah!!!

Since they were from a different county they couldn’t prosecute me for something they found in LA County and they couldn’t find any evidence of the actually robbery they were investigating but the whole incident ended me up in jail for the night in a foreign county. I immediately started praying to the Lord.

A week later the detectives gave the evidence to LA County Sheriffs department. Not even a week of being free from the false robbery case I found myself back in jail for the drug possession, but a new twist was added to the plot my roommate had a gun in a closet where I slept. I was oblivious too this. Panic and Shook kicked in again.

Now they eventually dropped the charges for the false robbery case that I had nothing to do with, but the bigger problem was that I was a prior felon and in possession of a whole lot of drugs and a .22 caliber rifle that was found in a storage closet in the my room where I slept so the scenario became very serious.

The Los Angeles DA wanted to convict me of possession of drugs, Intent to sale, and a prior felon in possession of a fire arm (even though it belonged to my roommate).

I realized at this point it was the Lord pulling my coattails again trying to get my attention.

Something had to give. Now I didn’t immediately stop drinking and smoking right away, but I knew my life had to change. And I wanted to change I just did not know how after 20 plus years of sinning.

At this point everything fell apart.

My physical father disowned me. He was ready to fire me from my position as office manager. Everything just got tougher and harder. The Lord was breaking my will.

I went by a friend’s house to try and forget everything that was going on through my old methods of drinking and smoking it away.

We started smoking a “HASHEES” chronic blunt. My mind snapped in that room.

At that very moment, God spoke to me and said “This is your last chance, you are going to either follow me or I am going to kill you.”

The devil was in there and he was waiting for me to continue killing myself. He was laughing at me. I knew it. But the last thing I heard the devil say before I ran out was, “Well fellas I guess we are losing another one.”

I know that sounds crazy, maybe it was momentary insanity but it was also a moment of clarity.

Now the only people in the room were my homeboy, his girl, my girlfriend and me. The devil used the movie we were watching as a vessel to relay this message to me. And everything just clicked.

I got up and ran out the house. I was confused and scared. The devil and the Lord were fighting over me in my head. I told them both to leave me alone and just started walking down the street.

I started cursing out the Lord for leaving me so many times in my life. I started going down the order one by one where I felt like he had left me alone to fend for myself.

I remember shouting out like a crazy person in the middle of the street “Where were you Lord when I needed you?”

“Where were you when I was being abused?”

“Where are you now Lord?”

At that very moment I looked up in the clouds and maybe it was the drugs or maybe it was the LORD…

But suddenly I fell to my knees in the middle of the street and started “Repenting.”

Something just started to comfort me and let me know that, it was going to be alright. At that one minute I knew the Lord had just picked me up. He finally heard me. I started praying and walking, walking and praying. I walked for about 3 or 4 miles trying to get the drugs out of my system. Funny thing was I didn’t have a clue where I was going. I just let the Lord lead my footsteps and he wouldn’t let me turn around and go back to the house. I didn’t want to go back.

At first I did the normal, “Oh Lord please save me,” until I realized that he just did.

I realized that he is saving me for something bigger. I ended up going to Church with my Girlfriend, the only one that remained after the dust cleared.

I was hesitant at first to go back to Church. I know I needed saving but the last time I went to Church and found a home I got let down by the Pastor, because at that time I was still looking for someone to hold my hand in the flesh and tell me its going to be alright. I made that Pastor super human with no ability to sin until I saw him sin like me and I got up and ran out. The devil knows how to manipulate everyone. I did not understand that what I was truly seeking was Christ not a man. I wasn’t prepared for the “Living Christ” the one who lives in me.

So for me to go back to church I felt like how am I suppose to follow a man to get me closer to Christ. I have a relationship with God. Personally I can talk to him anytime, not to mention my girlfriend attended Faithful Central which to me felt like a joke. I remember boldly telling her “That God isn’t in NO Forum’, ‘The Lakers play at the Forum.”

But I went because I felt like at least I could make my decision far enough away where no one could see me. I now know with out a shadow of a doubt that the spirit of the Lord is everywhere.

Funny thing I saw to youngsters that I use to sell “drugs” to sitting to rows ahead of me. And I was like “DANGGGG,” this is crazy. So I know the Lord was showing me something.

I remember there was an alter call and they both stood up and went down. Well I said to myself I am not ready to do all that. I am not going to embarrass myself by going down there. This is my first day back in the Kingdom of the Lord. I was just happy to witness the moment.

But the “Word” was strong and convicting and yet comforting.

That following Wednesday a Pastor friend of mine prayed for me at my office. Again I felt the Lord moving me. He ended up inviting me to Bible study, I thought you know what since you had prayed for me I would go and visit the Church.

Pastor John Portis had been pasturing for about 6 years out of his house and had a new building of worship for only a short time and He had been inviting me weekly to his new church located at 54th and Western of Apostolic Faith. I saw him to be different from other so called “Christians.” He always talked about being saved and born again. I was like well I read all you have to do is confess your sins believe that Christ died for your sins and I was saved and had eternal life.

He kept telling me that was only the first step. I pondered that for a while. I felt moved and I wanted to know the “Truth. “

The burden became clearer to me. I ended up at Wednesday Bible study later that evening. I left there feeling worthless. The “Word” is truly a double edge sword that cuts both ways. I was verily mystified and wandered what else the Lord was trying to tell me. Sunday came and I was back at Faithful Central.

A couple weeks went by and I was at weekly bible study and Sunday service. In addition, to Sunday service and Wednesday Bible class I was now attending Saturday worship and reading the Bible daily and praying all the time.

I started noticing that I wasn’t drinking and smoking as much or at all. The need was fading away, but I wanted it all to end. I didn’t have that desire anymore. The Lord was changing me right before me eyes.

One Sunday Bishop Ulmner made a long alter call for anyone who wished to rededicate their life to Christ. After refusing for about 30 minutes my young friend and girlfriend looked at me and they said if you want we will walk with you if you are being led by the Spirit. I said “Yeah” the Bishop had just said something that triggered the Spirit that lived inside of me. The Lord was doing double back flips inside me. I started making that long walk down them stairs. And everything started changing per step. It was amazing.

The following week I made it my mission to give it all up. I now understood that I needed to make a change for good. I had to give up all my desires of the flesh. Between the Sunday service and Wednesday Bible study the Lord was spoon feeding me like an infant new food for my spirit and I liked it. I loved it.

The Lord was pushing me over the edge. He allowed the devil to make one final ploy to destroy my spirit he knew that I was becoming strengthened in Christ my savior and now he had decided to attack me from another angle my beautiful son, whom I named “Zion” who now lived in Atlanta, 2000 miles away. All I could do was pray because I could not physically be there to help him, to protect him from evil. I was distraught, but I looked to the Lord for comfort instead of drugs and alcohol, a true test of faith. My will was finally “BROKE.”

Finally I came to my Pastor and said “Okay what is this Holy Spirit that you keep referring too?’ ‘Because I find myself repenting and giving up all my flesh desires and needs but there was something else that the Lord was calling for me to do.”

I said “I need evidence that the Lord is with me.’ ‘I can’t do this by myself anymore.’ ‘I need the Lord to take over.’ ‘What do I need to do?”

He said, “John you are almost there, don’t stop.’ ‘Comeback on Monday and I am going to show you what you need to do to receive the Holy Ghost.”

I said, “Cool, I will be here.”

Sunday came and service had me in tears. Bishop preached a moving and emotional sermon. I remember feeling that life has got to get better.

I fasted and prayed all day Monday I showed up later that evening determined to receive the Holy Spirit. I went to my Bible study Church for prayer which would be a day out of the ordinary.

My Pastor showed me some references in the Bible that basically said, if you want to receive the Lord in your heart, all you have to do is ask, but you have to knock to get his attention, and you have to truly mean it.

Praise the Lord because before I left that Church I was filled with the Holy Spirit after 3 hours of intense praying. And everything in my life is truly new because I know what it means to be “Born Again,” in the Spirit.

Fortunately the story is still a work in progress.

Friends pray for me. On Monday June 26th, 2006 I must turn myself in to the authorities to start my 240 day journey of incarceration. But I know through the mercy of the Lord, He has something special planned for me. I will take what he gives me humbly. I know he loves me and will only give me what I can handle. And the spirit of the Lord dwells inside of me, so I fear no evil. Praise the Lord.

I will update the testimony as the Lord unveils it to me. Praise his holy name.

Thank you Jesus…

You’re Brother in Christ.

John Colon