Name: Greg RyanGreg-Ryan

Location: Louisiana

Bio: Owner Christian Clothing Company,Teacher,Great Commision advocate, Personal Evangelist,Bible believer

How it all started

Many people have asked, “How did you find Jesus?” I am convinced Jesus called me many times to become a son of God. Every time he called, I was busy or distracted with something important to me.

The weekend I was saved

I was in a business meeting one weekend in January, 1993. I was there to learn how to make more money (money was always a distraction for me). While attending this business meeting, a man named John Ankerberg told the audience Saturday night that he could prove Jesus was a real person, that He walked on the earth some 2000 years ago, that He was God and everything the Bible said about Him was true. He invited us to a Sunday morning service. This idea was very interesting to me.

What I believed

I believed there was a God, so I figured I was on the right side. But I never really went to church or gave it much thought. Mr. Ankerberg told us Sunday we had to have a personal relationship with Jesus. It was not enough to know who Jesus was. In order to be saved, Jesus had to know you. This rang my bell. As I sat in my chair thinking about this relationship with Jesus, Mr. Ankerberg invited anyone whom God was dealing with to the front. Before I knew it, I was up front asking Jesus to forgive my sins, come into my heart, and become Lord of my life. While I was praying, Jesus answered me. He came into my heart and I became a new creature. For the first time in my life I was on the “winning side.”

Now What?

I was now a child of God, but I knew nothing. I was instructed to get a bible and read it every day starting with the book of John. I was told to talk to God (pray) every day. They also suggested finding a church that teaches and believes the bible is the Word of God. The bible reading and praying was easy, but it took me many months before I found a church.
Once in church, I began to really get into the Word, and it began to come alive to me. God opened His Word to me, and I got excited about learning His Word. I shared my experience with many of my friends, but only one of my friends became saved. This was very frustrating to me. I could not reach my friends. I continued to learn more about God’s ways, and I found I was not able to relate with my old friends. I had developed new friends and relationships through church, but I still had friends who would not go to church and did not have a relationship with Jesus.

God moves me out of my comfort zone

It seemed like every Sunday pastor preached, Matthew 28: 18-20 and told us to go and make disciples. I found myself enjoying hearing the Word, but I wasn’t excited about doing anything I heard. I would hear the sermon, get a little frustrated, and then go home and justify to myself that no one I knew wanted to hear about salvation.
Some time early in 2002 I decided to try to do more for God. I knew I could not sing (and bless anyone). I thought about writing but then walked in a retail bookstore and was overwhelmed by all the books already written. I knew I wanted to do something but did not know what to do. So I prayed and asked God for an idea.
I was really looking for a better way to heat water or cook something. The George Foreman Grill came to my mind (we had just bought our second one). I thought, “Get one good idea and just get paid over and over and over for it”. Yea, I liked the sound of that so I waited for God to answer.
The commitment to do more for God also involved me trying to become a more active witness for Him. I felt like the Great Commission was something every believer should do. So while I waited for my life changing invention, I decided to go to the golf course.

My idea to witness

My plan was to wear an FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) shirt every time I went and played. That way, when someone asked me about FCA, I could tell them about Jesus. What I great plan (or so I thought). I would get to do something I really enjoyed and introduce everyone I knew to Jesus. This would have been perfect if someone, anyone, would have asked me anything about my shirt or FCA.
I determined my harvest field was the golf course. I did not want to lose my great idea (combining witnessing and golf). So I prayed for something I could put on my shirt that would “make” people ask a question.
I was frustrated leaving my “harvest field” aka: golf course one day. No one had asked me anything and in fact, the people I had played with acted horrible. I had a Ray Boltz CD playing when I drove away. I asked God for something I could put on my shirt that would make someone ask me about Christ and the song “One Drop of Blood” came on.

How it came to pass

God’s timing was perfect. I pictured a drop of blood on my shirt, I started getting excited. Then I drove by a huge billboard with a drop of blood on it. It was a blood donation advertisement. I then asked God for something else, and I pictured in my mind a drop of blood rolling down the spike that held Jesus to the cross, about to fall to the ground.
I KNEW THAT WAS IT. (I saw this same image almost a year later when I watched “The Passion of Christ”.)
I then tried to draw this logo. (Have I mentioned I have no artistic ability?) I asked my wife if she could draw it. She did much better but it still was not good enough. Our church had just hired a youth minister from California . I saw him one Sunday and asked him if he knew anyone who could draw. (I had never really talked to him before, I just figured, since he was from California , he might know someone creative.) Turns out it was him. Dave (Ross) replied, “I do graphic art design”. God is so good. I asked him if he could draw an old-looking spike with a drop of blood about to fall from its point.

The Logo

Since I have absolutely no artistic talent, I prayed that God would have Dave draw the logo the way God had shown it to me (in my mind). When Dave brought me the drawing, it was what I wanted to put on my shirt.
Not knowing anything about clothes, I asked the local FCA director where he had his shirts embroidered. I took the drawing to a local company, they created a pattern, and we made the first One Drop of Blood shirt.

The First Day

I have to tell you the first day I wore the shirt I was a little nervous. I had never thought about the logo on my shirt before. Most of the clothes I had came with logos; it was just something that came on them. When I put the ODOB shirt on that day, something was different. I felt like I had put on Christ. I was glad I had made a commitment to wear the shirt whenever I went to play golf, because I was seriously thinking about not wearing it. I was afraid! As the doubts and fears went through my mind I thought, “Are you sure you want to do this?”
Looking back now I can tell you it was just Satan trying to intimidate me and steal my witness. I summoned up what little courage I had and out the door I went. Two people that day asked me about my shirt. I told them it represented the blood of Jesus and that it was their only ticket to Heaven. I planted some good seed in their life that day, and I have been wearing the ODOB shirts ever since.

Witnessing made easy

In my first 9 years of being saved, I may have handed out two tracts. Since developing The One Drop of Blood logo I quit counting after 60. Each tract I handed out was because someone had asked me a question about the shirt.
I wear the ODOB shirts to work every week. I ask God, “If there is someone I come in contact with today who needs to hear from You, have them ask me a question.” There are many days no one asks me about the logo. I do not get discouraged when I do not get to share Christ with someone. I am doing my best and God knows it. In fact I get a sense of accomplishment that I took a stand for Jesus.

Many of my friends wanted a shirt

After I told many of my friends at church about my shirt and how was able to witness to two people in the same day, they wanted shirts. So I had a few more made. When I gave them their shirts, they asked, “How much do you want for them”? That is when the thought hit me, “there may be some money in this”.
Someone told me that I needed to protect the logo with a trademark.
So I did.
The men I gave shirts to asked what they were supposed to say when someone asked about the logo. I was the expert. I had witnessed to two people, but what I had found was that it was two more than they had witnessed to. So I prayed for God to help me give them an answer, and I thought of a tract. I looked at many different tracts, but I wanted it in my own words so I developed a tract. I gave it the tract to my friends and they were ready to go.

Trying to make a business out of an idea

For about a year I went to different churches in my area. They were very receptive to the idea of helping their people be better witnesses. But I found out most churches are not set up to sell clothes. Most are not interested in stocking clothes either, so I became frustrated and stopped trying to go church to church.
I was introduced to a copy writing course and I started learning how to write sales copy. My plan was to use direct mail and catalogs to the different churches (we still plan to have a catalog). Then one day in February of 2006 I heard a man talk about the affiliate program on the internet. I knew the internet was the vehicle this business needed to succeed.

Warrior Hear My Call

Since asking Jesus into my life I have had this thought in my head saying, “Warrior Hear My Call.” I now know that was God calling me to battle! One Drop of Blood has entered the battle for the souls of men. We have the Blood of Christ, the word of our testimony and we are prepared to fight to the death. (Revelation 12:11) Come and join us and let’s see what God will do.

The rest is the future of One Drop Of Blood!.

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